Flight Attendant Awarded for Carrying Elderly to Get Off Plane

flight-attendant-awarded-for-carrying-elderly-to-get-off-planeTransport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi has awarded two flight attendants of flag carrier Garuda Indonesia who went viral on social media for helping an elderly woman to get off the plane.

Minister Budi had since invited the two women Vera (junior flight attendant) and Ninik Septiani (Flight Service Manager) together with Garuda Indonesia Service Manager Director Nicodemus P. Lampe.

The flight attendants’ generous acts have been one the most talked about stories on social media and the mass media. The elderly woman needed a wheelchair to get off the plane to prepare for her next flight on Saturday noon, January 7, 2017. Vera, 19, being tall and robust, offered to carry the elderly woman on her back to her wheelchair placed by the exit door. Meanwhile, senior flight attendant Ninik watched their back. A photograph of Vera carrying the elderly woman was later uploaded and went viral on social media.

“I spontaneously offered my assistance and carried her on my back as I believed that it was part of our services as Garuda’s flight attendants,” Vera said.

On the occasion, Minister Budi said that the flight attendants deserved to be awarded. They have shown that they care and are professional. He said that they have set an example for others in providing flight services to passengers.

“Spontaneity to assist passengers who need help is a must for transport service industry operators. The spirit to serve sincerely has set the tone [for better services]. Let the dedication inspire others and please continue to serve sincerely,” he said.

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Budi said that he will award any personnel and anyone who has done an extraordinary thing to the stakeholders of transportation sector.

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